Monthly rentals in Mauritius

Are you dreaming of an island? A sufficiently-developed one where you would retrieve most of your norms? One with a reliable Internet connection that allows work-from-home sessions while your kids attending a high-standard international school can grow up in the open air and an environment where nature is omnipresent?

A monthly rental on the east coast of Mauritius is your dream-come-true.

Choosing the region

At the turn of the millennium, the north and west coasts have been the expats’ favourites as they were the only coastal regions to boast minimal infrastructure (Internet/phone connection, fair road networks, shops and were relatively close to schools and business places. So much so that these regions lost the local identity, are saturated, so are their roads. Add to this their very uncomfortable weather all during the long tropical summers.

On the other hand, the east coast that remained fairly preserved, still hold a lot of its local character with a lot of unbuilt, open grounds, namely public beaches, while it benefited from upgraded Internet and road networks. Access to the island’s centre is fairly easy; only 40 to 50 minutes to the business centres of Ebène and Moka or to the towns of Curepipe or Quatre-Bornes. Some supermarkets, including a large one have settled outside the main villages, bring close-by a great variety of goods, while fresh vegetables and fish can easily be sourced from the Flacq market or mobile merchants. The Internet connection is the same as in all the other regions of the island; it’s stable and regular though not the fastest. (See below).

Nearly all villas offered for rent on the east coast are on the beach and more recently built as this region developed relatively later. They are therefore functional, of good standards, often with a swimming pool, which is not very common for beach villas.

Opting for a monthly or yearly rental on the east coast of Mauritius offers the best combination to those looking for a long-term immersion into the country and a shift to a balanced way of life. See our blog about the east coast of Mauritius.

East coast of Mauritius
Proposed or included services

Our rentals differ from long-term rentals proposed at estate agencies namely because they guarantee the standards required by professionals of the tourism industry and match the expectations of travellers from all over the world. An important detail: they are all located on the beach. More importantly, they are still proposed under a holiday rental scheme where all charges (electricity, water, Internet and TV channels), the cleaning and maintenance services (pool, garden and maintenance), as well as daily cleaning services are included in the rentals.*
*Note that all household products must however be bought by the tenants and some owners may have some specific quality or brand requirements.

This makes things much easier to those who wish to settle in Mauritius temporarily before deciding upon an eventual permanent installation. Indeed, this formula avoids long processes linked to installation such as TV & Internet subscriptions, moving-in and out, hiring of domestic staff and service providers.

Daily domestic services at the villas is always based on 6 half-days a week (and outside public holidays), by one or more persons and include the preparation of at least one of the three daily meals. You will find more details about services on each villa’s fact-sheet and we remain at your disposal for further clarifications.

You will find information about our services to long-term guests here.

Find your holiday rentals in Mauritius

Find your holiday rentals in Mauritius