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The magic of wellness holidays

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More restful than just resting

For sure, holidays bring rest. With the fast and furious lifestyle we are leading, pauses, breaks and holidays are vital. Without them we head for downs, lassitude and burn-outs. This is why our short and mid-term life-plans often revolve around holidays.

So we have a lot of expectations and place all our hopes in very short periods of time; short weeks or fortnights at best which appear like windows of life through which we will at last receive the essentials we deserve, such as natural light, fresh air, silence, quietness and… time. We are so busy dealing with the superfluous.

We believe we will be able to read, sleep, spend quality time with kids, have a manicure, take care of ourself, of our partner, carry out a lot of activities , eat, savour, swim, walk, rest, love… Here we are, busy months ahead, organising, planning, comparing and buying.

We want so much that we do far too much. By the time we recover from the jet-lag and travel, the week is gone! It's already time to be back home, lightened from the money spent; another hill to climb. Never mind, “we'll be back next year”.

This scenario can loop during a whole lifetime if you do not decide to step into it and become your life's stage director. Easy but as says the adage, you first need to “Change if you want things to change”.

The more we DO, the less we ARE.

Wellness retreats and wellness holidays allow the disruption of the cycle and the slowing down of the rat race. Wellness-centric holidays allow sprouting afresh from a seed sowed during holidays.

Of course, changing lifestyle is not as simple as a magician's trick because there is no one other than yourself who can do it for you. The transformation starts from deep inside and changes the way your self changes. This transformation teaches how to live a little bit every day, every hour, every instant as it is about being permanently, in full consciousness of the now and of where we stand precisely in the space around us. In your interactions with others and the outside world you will learn how to act instead of undergoing your own reactions.

For this, you need to harmonise your body with your conscious mind, your conscious with your consciousness if not your soul. Although not one can be substituted for another, many complex and mysterious terms may be used here to explain this harmony that is so easily experienced: the ego, the being, the soul, the chakras, the kundalini, the light, the self, the Darma and Karma, God, energies, the Chi, waves, matter, ether, rays, molecules, atoms or the four fundamental forces of nature. All roads lead to Rome; all it takes is to pick the most attractive one and stroll along at your own pace.

There are however some compulsory steps to take and some rules to abide to.

Meditation in mauritius

The first step is very simple: get started; today, not tomorrow. To successfully pass this step, the first rules need to be applied; they are:
- Will is nothing without wish as will is a brain operation whereas wish is a mental state. Make sure it is your true self who is the one who wants this change.
- Get started!

The second step is to free yourself from any eventual result or even better, to free your self from the concept of results and outcomes. As you can now understand, the point is to...
- Get started!
This is an important step as it is also about freeing yourself from the notions of losing and winning, of gain and loss as well as the notion of renouncement in the hope of an eventual reward. In Yoga practice, meditation or any other activity, the notion of doing well to please disappears; same as any judgement of good and evil by the way. Welcome to the paradoxical world of wellness, a world around feeling and experiencing.

Yoga Lessons in Mauritius

It is only at the third step that our holistic wellness programmes can help. Aiming at normalising the body chemistry, this step would start by a health assessment with Tessa.

This assessment can be done at the villa, by the pool. It is not meant to detect some incurable disease but to point-out eventual deficiencies or excesses, allergies, intolerances and weaknesses in the digestive or endocrine system. From this assessment, Tessa. will recommend a new dietary balance, often with the help of food supplements.

In parallel, initiations (for beginners) or the practice of a holistic activity allows the discovery of new fields. Discoveries and apprenticeship are the best remedies against ageing and therefore against fatalism. For those who already practice Yoga, meditation or else, it is about practising in a different context, a beautiful setting and environment, with a different teacher, learning different techniques and adopting news ways. For the beginners it is a new world being uncovered, it is about putting aside prejudices, life-long belief-systems and especially preconceived ideas such as “holidays = late mornings”. It is about discovering that what you believed were constraints or difficulties are pure joy and happiness, discovering that deep inside yourself, underneath the personage, the things you like and love are not exactly the ones you expected to be. It is also about discovering the basic teaching of Yoga: finding comfort in discomfort.

Fitness and sports activities speed-up the process of detox and help in changing habits by having different muscles at work. They also bring forward the feeling of wellness, adding pleasure to your initiative. Being outdoor in such an environment as the Mauritian coastal region is in itself a considerable cure.

Similarly to fitness, therapeutic massages accelerate the detox process as it helps readjusting postures and re-open all communication canals, enhancing the interactivity among all parts of the body as well as between the body and the brain. Indeed, a highly simplified image would be to say that all body-cells communicate with each other via the nervous system (using chemical neurotransmitters and electric pulses), via the blood system (oxygenation, nutrition, assimilation), and through the lymphatic system (nutrients and antibodies), just to mention those three. The easing of articulations, the stimulation of muscles and tissues and the readjustment of the spine allow restoring this communication that is crucial to the immune system and to natural equilibrium.

For the numerous users of anti-depressants, those who already follow a (psycho)therapy, those who wish to say bye to chronic depressed states or to some tenacious habit, or else the numerous victims of a burn-out and those in the midst of a mid-life crisis, Ingrid, our psychotherapist will be pleased to set-up a customised wellness programme. It could be by using a mix of the numerous techniques she masters or by coordinating a programme with the numerous therapists experienced in a great variety of techniques that can be: Applied Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy, Sophrology, Qi-Gong, just to name very few.

What is procrastination?

It is the art of unnecessarily delaying of actions. By the way, procrastination is a sign of an ailing mental health. Curiously, the more we feel that the action to be done is necessary or that the problem that action would solve is important, the more we delay the action. An example would be that after having read this blog, you feel convinced about the necessity for you to make your next holidays a wellness holiday but you keep telling yourself that you will contact us tomorrow.

No more waiting, visit our dedicated website for wellness and contact us today via Skype, telephone, e-mail or Facebook.

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