Holiday rentals in Mauritius offer great independence to guests. No obligations to eat at set times; no need to dress-up to go dining, spared is the hassle of driving to a restaurant. Renting with us means preserving those advantages plus avoid the hassles feeding the family.

Cooking Services
All our rentals come with a in-house cook. In most cases, the cooking performed by the maid who has been trained as cook. They are all fairly good at preparing tasty local dishes and in some villas they are fine cooks.

In nearly all villas, the cooking service is included in the rental rates. It can be limited to a single meal a day or comprise the preparation of two meals a day. In the first case second meals are available subject to a supplement varying between 3,50 € per extra hour to 13.00 € per meal prepared.

In both cases, the food is to be supplied by guests and we provide a shopping service (subject to fee) to those who wish to avoid markets and supermarkets but the drafting of shopping lists and the setting of menus remain guests’ tasks.

A chef cook at home

Those looking for a more personalised yet hassle-free service can opt for our chef@home service. Implies the presence of a chef 12 hours a day who will take care of all your shopping, including drinks and wine, the preparation and cooking of meals cocktails and canapés. Depending on the rental chosen and upon the amount of guests, it may be necessary to have a second cook, who will also act as butler. This service is not available in all rentals and rates differ upon exact requirements.

Villas where (optional) chef services are available:
Villa Amara
Villa Riambelle
Luxury villa Las Brisas
Luxury villa Anaso
Luxury Villa Bahia
Luxury villa Morine
Luxury villa Taïssa
Heritage The Villas

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