This is not about performance but about beautiful mountain bike rides on easy and accessible routes, alternating paths, tracks and coastal roads. Owing to evolution and trends, some rides are offered on electric bikes. The proposals below are not exhaustive. They involve the two main bike tour providers with whom it is possible to plan other specialised outings and to flesh out your programme.

Overall concept

The initial proposal of our theme holidays is to discover different regions, changing accommodation during the stay and participating in a variable number of activities. In each case, several accommodations – if possible with different packages – are proposed, with possible adaptation to budgets. The activities proposed correspond to the main theme, with varying frequency and intensity.

Theme’s concept

To allow the discovery of the various landscapes – necessarily from different regions – of Mauritius, by joining groups; these are adapted to a wide audience, or make arrangements for exclusive excursions. They sometimes include a meal and visits, on foot, to sites such as the caves of Roches Noires.


For this theme, we opt for accommodation close to the starting and finishing points of the hikes. The sequence and frequency of travel is to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Recommended Seasons

Since it’s about biking, mid-summer (December to February) is to be avoided, while this programme is not affected by the southern winter as it is mainly on land.

East coast & Centre

ONE – Ride in the Bras d’Eau reserve and Roches Noires – 15 Kms.

TWO – Technical course around the reservoirs in the centre of the island – 20 or 35 Kms – Exclusive tour.





Centre / South-west coast

ONE – Free rides in Chamarel village.

TWO – From Chamarel to Le Morne by electric bike – 45 Kms.





South Coast

The south coast by electric bike or mountain bike – 40 Kms.