Beautiful hikes in the east and south as well as in the centre of the island. A variety of landscapes, climates as well as levels of difficulty with notably some accessible climbs.

The proposals below are not exhaustive. They will put you in contact with hiking guides and domains with whom it is possible to plan more walks and outings and to expand your programme.

Overall concept

The initial proposal of our theme holidays is to discover different regions, changing accommodation during the stay and participating in a variable number of activities. In each case, several accommodations – if possible with different packages – are proposed, with possible adaptation to budgets. The activities proposed correspond to the main theme, with varying frequency and intensity.

Theme’s concept

Discover the varied landscapes – necessarily from different regions – of Mauritius, by joining group excursions or go for hiking trips, self-guided or with professionals. The selection of tracks are suitable to anyone in fairly good physical condition, while those who enjoy long hikes or climbing will have the opportunity to expand or redefine the programme.


For this theme, we opt for accommodation close to the starting and finishing points of the tours. The sequence and frequency of the trips is to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Recommended Seasons

As this is an outdoor sports trip, summer (November to March) is to be avoided, whereas this programme does not fear the southern winter, as it is mainly on land.

East coast & Centre

ONE – Walk in and around the Bras d’Eau reserve – 3 hours flat.

TWO – Instructive walk on the Ile d’Ambre after a short kayak crossing. 3h1/2 flat.

THREE – Climbing the Le Pouce Mountain from Moka. 3 hours. Medium difficulty.





Centre / South-west coast

ONE – Hiking/climbing of the Piton de la Rivière Noire, the highest peak of Mauritius, from Plaine Champagne. (Without guide). 2 hours. Medium difficulty.

TWO – Climbing the Piton Canot from the lodge or through the Ebony Forest Park.

OPTIONAL – Free hiking in the Black River Gorges National Park. Several marked routes available; to be done without a guide.





South Coast

ONE – Visit the UNESCO biosphere. 5 hours including picnic. Medium difficulty.

TWO – Hike to the 500-foot waterfall. 5 hours including picnic. Medium difficulty.

THREE – Hikes along the south coast (8 to 16 km sections to be done without a guide)

FOUR – Free walks along the southern beaches.


ONE – Le Morne Mountain. (Guide required). 3H1/2. Difficulty: high.

TWO – Lion Mountain (Guide highly recommended). 3H1/2. Difficulty: high.