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We had a wonderful holiday!

Peter M.   United Kingdom   January 2019
Luxury Villa Bahia

We had a wonderful holiday with family and friends in the beautiful Villa Bahia over Christmas and the New Year. The villa and the staff more than met all our expectations. In the months before the holiday Bernard and Sophie gave us invaluable advice to ensure the holiday was a success and were always on hand during our stay. We would certainly like to return in future.

Peter Morgan


Mark T.   South Africa   July 2018
Luxury Villa Bahia

We wanted to send a note of thanks to you and the family for allowing us the time at the Villa Bahia.
To sum it up – “The villa and experience surpassed all expectations and cannot be appreciated in photos. There are memories we will cherish forever, and hope to return to make more.”

I also thought I would share some insights and some simple notes for future stays.
The villa is stunning, location is exotic, warm and welcoming. The layout luxurious, open and fresh. The immediate sense on arrival is one of freedom, escape and rejuvenation. Arriving at night is a treat, as it reserves the majestic ocean and pool view for the morning once you wake fresh from a superb rest.

The staff are quiet, go about their daily tasks with little to no interruption and preserve the privacy of the guests. This is important for the high end clients you will attract. Once or twice they were cleaning the pool at the wrong times which prevented us from having a 9-12 morning swim. Also we were required to top up toilet paper ourselves. I think whilst it is a small cost, I would stock up on this as the house and just supply the guests as needed once a day as the staff clean.

Food was great, difficult to get the same experience we have in SA there for the price but Sebastien did fantastically well. We would recommend him again. The food costs work out higher than expected, due to the import of most items.

The pool is wonderful, warm and inviting, we spent many hours there. The beach access is also great, whilst the note should be made to guests to bring surf booties or coral shoes as you cannot walk barefoot in those waters. Apart from that we spent days on the water in the canoes, they are brilliant and the kids had the best times, even my mom had a go. Snorkeling is a favorite in the waters, but we needed to swim farther out to get good visibility and fish, but it was most enjoyable.

The cab driver wasn’t the best experience, he charged a decent amount, 7100 Rs in the end for the airport trip and one other 30 min trip, but could only provide 9 seats in the bus and we required 10, which meant someone had to sit on the floor. On the way there he was lost in estate for more than 30min on some terrible roads and my nephew in fact got sick and vomited from car sickness. I would explore a more experienced operator here and someone who knows the route 100% especially after the long journey. Sadly the TV also stopped working which could only be fixed 2 days later, but I suppose no one comes to the island for TV but it can be helpful for the kids at night.

The boat ride was wonderful, you have an excellent location, close to the island and the waterfall and so should advertise this to the guests.

Everything else was simply wonderful. Thank you again, we hope to return.

All the best!